Exhibition Celebrating Taro Gomi in Translation

November 2015

Taro Gomi is an internationally recognised author-illustrator of children’s literature, his work having attracted the interest of overseas publishers since his very first picture books many decades ago. His bold sense of design and his universal wit―guaranteed to raise a snigger whatever the nationality of the reader who encounters it―and his creative stories have won him countless fans around the world. Over 100 of his books have been translated and published in more than twenty countries around the world. An exhibition of his work in translation, Gomi Taro’s Foreign Editions, ran from October 6-18 at a venue in Roppongi, Tokyo. The author was present for most of the duration of the exhibition, talking about his life and work and engaging in discussions with invited guests. Foreign editions of his work were also on display, with the original illustrations for those books displayed above the editions. The exhibition also features video messages from children’s book editors around the world. The exhibition was a perfect opportunity to experience the world of world-famous Taro Gomi. We hope to see the exhibition repeated and toured around as many different locations as possible.

gomi5 gomi1 gomi


Cute Fruit-Filled Baby Books Launched

November 2015

Two years after the success of the Little Vegetables series by Saeko Hirokawa, published in 2013, the author is back with a collection of Little Fruits to join the fun! Little Strawberry, Little Satsuma, and Little Banana make up the delicious new line-up. Rhythmical language and sounds provide the soundtrack to which these dynamic little fruits move and shake, and the infection tempo and timbre encourage tiny readers to move their bodies in time, as each delightful book works its way to a suitably tasty ending. The books are also available in a three-book set, perfect for a gift. Enjoy these Little Fruits alongside the previously published Little Vegetables!

ichigo mikan banana fruitbox
NEW! Little Strawberry
NEW! Little Satsuma
NEW! Little Banana
NEW! Very Little Fruit Gift Box
tomato potato bean vegebox
Little Tomatoes
Little Spuds
Little Peas
NEW! Very Little Vegetable Gift Box


"Good Morning, Garbage Truck!" Welcoming the Latest Edition of this Popular Picture Book Series

November 2015

Author Fumiko Takeshita and illustrator Mamoru Suzuki have established a successful partnership producing a popular series of picture books on vehicles. The latest instalment in the series, "Good Morning, Garbage Truck!", has now been released. The series so far has introduced young readers to the delights of buses, trains, police cars, and construction trucks. Now, the duo has focused on the garbage truck, which has a vital role to play in our daily lives. The garbage truck is hard at work collecting garbage from early morning. Once full, it makes its way to the incineration plant, then heads back into town to continue its work. It’s easy to forget about the garbage truck, but this book provides a clear and simple explanation about what the garbage truck does. As always, Mamoru Suzuki’s rich illustrations bring the story alive with plenty of background detail.

garbage truck pin pon bus delivery doro
NEW! Good Morning, Garbage Truck!
Pin Pon Bus
On the Road with the Home Delivery
Fixing the Road Together